Pre-Qualified Contractors

Contractor Pre-Qualification Policy


The purpose of this pre-qualification process is to develop and maintain a list of pre-qualified contractors to perform non-petitioned maintenance work on behalf of the Oceana County Drain Commissioner and the various drainage districts under the jurisdiction of the Drain Commissioner.


To be eligible to contract for non-petitioned drain maintenance that is not undergoing the bidding process, a contractor must submit an application to the Drain Commissioner, which at a minimum includes:

  1. Submission of a W-9
  2. Proof of Worker’s Compensation or Exemption
  3. List of Contractor’s Available Equipment
  4. Reference List

Contractor Pre-Qualification Application


The Drain Commissioner shall have complete discretion in approving or denying an application based on the totality of the information provided in the application.

Pre-Qualified Contractor List

Upon approval of an application, the Contractor shall be placed on the Pre-Qualified Contractor List, which shall be posted on the Drain Commissioner’s website. Download and view the Prequalified Contractor List


A contractor may be removed from the Pre-Qualified Contractor List upon:

  1. Contractor’s request to be removed, or termination of a Contractor’s legal entity; or
  2. Contractor’s failure to sustain any of the above-required criteria evaluated in the application process.
  3. Drain Commissioner’s determination, at his/her sole discretion, that contractor has failed to demonstrate quality or timely performance of work under a contract with a drainage district or under any other contract for similar work.

Please Note: placement on the Pre-Qualified Contractor List does not guarantee a contractor will be selected to perform work. The Drain Commissioner sustains full discretion and authority to either bid non-petitioned maintenance work or to select any contractor from the Pre-Qualified Contractor List to perform said non-petitioned maintenance work.