ORV Ordinances

Oceana County Off Road Vehicle (ORV) Ordinances

Oceana County does not have a countywide Off Road Vehicle (ORV) ordinance. Each of the sixteen townships has the ability to choose whether or not they have an ordinance to allow or prohibit the use of ORV on roadways within their townships.

Townships that Allow ORV Use

To view ordinances by Oceana County township, please use the links below to download and view the ordinance in PDF format.

Townships that Don’t Allow ORV Use

  • Benona Township
  • Claybanks Township
  • Golden Township
  • Pentwater Township

ORV Requirements

Oceana County does not have a formal ORV trail system. Townships that permit ORV use do so with the understanding that ORVs will operate on the far right shoulder of the roadways while traveling to their destination.

For any township open to ORV use on public roadways, a Michigan ORV sticker is required to be visible and affixed on the rear of the machine. A trail permit is not required for use on public roadways.

ORVs cannot operate on any U.S. Forrest Service roadways or lands.

It is the responsibility of the ORV operator to know where they are operating and if it is permitted!

Silver Lake State Park ORV Area

Oceana County is home to the Silver Lake State Park – ORV Area. This consists of more than 2,000 acres of sand dunes, 450 acres of which are dedicated to the use of ORVs. The Silver Lake State Park – ORV Area is located in Golden Township. Golden Township prohibits ORVs on their roadways.*

*Exception: W. Fox Road between N. Ridge Road and N. 24th Ave.

For more information about the Silver Lake State Park – ORV Area, such as dates, rules, and other information, please visit DNR Silver Lake State Park ORV.


If you need to know where specific township boundaries are, please see the maps available via the links below.

Oceana County Map

City of Hart ORV Map

It is the operator’s responsibility to know where they are operating and the rules that apply to them.