Property Auctions

Property Tax Foreclosure Auctions

The tax-foreclosed property auctions for the 2022 cycle is active. The Oceana County Tax Sale took place online at Title Check, LLC on September 8, 2022.  Please visit the Title Check website periodically regarding future auction updates.

By law, tax-foreclosed property must be sold at public auction. Auctions are held online with Title Check, LLC.

Please read all Rules and Regulations carefully and thoroughly. All properties are sold as is and where is; purchasers release the Treasurer from all liability.

Former Property Owners or Interest Holders

The Michigan Legislature passed MCL 211.78t for those who hold title or equity interest in a property at the time of foreclosure may file a claim for remaining proceeds, if any, after sale or transfer of the property.  Claiming potential remaining proceeds begins with filing form 5743 Notice of Intention to Claim Interest in Foreclosure Sale Proceeds with the County Treasurer by July 1st immediately following the foreclosure date.  Those who wish to consult with an attorney about your ability to claim remaining proceeds under MCL 211.78t may go to the State Bar of Michigan’s legal resource and referral website or may call 800-968-0738 for assistance in finding private legal counsel.

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