Subdivision Drainage Rules & Stormwater Design Criteria

The Land Division Act, formerly known as the Subdivision Control Act (Act 288 of the Public Acts of Michigan of 1967, as amended by Act 591 of the Public Acts of 1996) requires the County Drain Commissioner to publish rules governing the internal drainage of proposed subdivision and outlets for drainage. The rules are intended to assist land developers by providing uniform procedures to be followed in the processing of preliminary and final plats, construction drawings, and establishments of county drains and their branches within these subdivisions. View the full Land Division Act in PDF format.

In 2004, the Oceana County Board of Commissioners adopted a resolution acknowledging and recognizing the Oceana County Drain Commissioner Subdivision Drainage Rules and Storm Water Design Criteria and authorized the fee schedule set forth therein.  Updates were made and adopted in 2022.

A Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control (SESC) Permit Application, associated permit fees, and an Engineering Review Deposit, are to be submitted for new developments. See Subdivision Drainage Rules and Stormwater Design Criteria below (Site Development Rules).  In addition, check with the local Township Zoning and Planning for the submittal of a Stormwater Maintenance Agreement once the review and final design is completed.

Site Development Rules which outlines Procedures and Design Standards for Stormwater Management in PDF format.

Download the Permit Fee Schedule

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