Animal Control

The Oceana County Animal Control Department is under the supervision of the County Administrator. Our responsibilities include dealing with cases of animal cruelty, animal abandonment, and animals running at large. We also offer pet adoption at our county shelter and provide licensing for kennels in the county.

Lost Pets

Please call us if you have lost your pet or have found a stray pet in the area. We keep a list of lost-and-found pets in order that we may help reunite lost pets with their owners. Although your pet may not be at our animal shelter, chances are good that someone has notified us of your lost pet and is keeping it safe and comfortable until the owner is found. Learn more about our lost and found pet process.

Follow the Oceana County Animal Shelter on Facebook for more information on current lost and found pets.

Adopting a Friend

We would love for you to visit, meet our animals ready for adoption, and even to take them for a little walk. To see the animals currently available for adoption, visit our Facebook page.


Dog Licenses

The Oceana County Treasurer issues dog licenses. To learn more about how to obtain one, in person or online, visit the County Treasurer page.

Kennel Licensing

Animal Control oversees the issuance of kennel licenses in Oceana County. Learn more about the process and fees involved.