Dog Licenses

The Oceana County Treasurer’s Office and Oceana County Animal Control processes dog licenses for the County.

Dog Licenses will become available on the first business day in January of each year. Michigan Law requires dogs that are four (4) months or older must be licensed.

Effective Date One Year Rate Three Year Rate
First business day in January $15.00
$8.00 – Spayed or Neutered
$20.00 – Spayed or Neutered
Late Fee $30.00
$16.00 – Spayed or Neutered
$32.00 – Spayed or Neutered

All spayed or neutered dogs must have proof of sterilization signed by an accredited veterinarian.

Please make sure you have the dog’s rabies certificate signed by an accredited veterinarian available when purchasing your dog license. Dog licenses will not be issued without a current rabies certificate.

Paying For Your Dog License

You may purchase your dog license at the Oceana County Treasurer’s Office in person or by mail, or at the Oceana County Animal Control Office.

If you are renewing your dog license, you may do so online by debit or credit card by clicking the link below.

Renew Dog License Online


Please Note: If paying online, licenses will not be processed if a valid rabies is not on file or a new rabies certificate is not forwarded to this office within five days of payment.

Late Fees

Dog licenses will be renewable upon expiration of the rabies vaccination. Dog owners will be required to obtain either a one-year or three-year license based on the dog’s rabies vaccination date. A late fee will be imposed if the dog owner does not obtain a dog license by the last day of the month in which the dog’s current rabies vaccination expires pursuant to MCL 287.266(3) (f).

Kennel Licenses

The fee schedule for the purchase of kennel licenses shall be set at $10.00 per year for 10 dogs or less and $25.00 per year for more than 10 dogs effective the first business day in January of each year. A fee of double the original license fee shall be charged for each previously licensed kennel if the kennel license is applied for after June 1 of each year.

The current year’s dog kennel licenses will also be available after the first business day of January of each year from the Oceana County Animal Control Office. Please contact the Animal Control Office at (231) 861-5395 for more information on kennel licenses.

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