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Motion Regarding Support**
Response to Motion Regarding Support
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Motion Regarding Parenting Time**
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Motion Regarding Custody**
Response to Motion Regarding Custody

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Fee Waiver Request
Change of Personal Information
Request for Health Care Expense Payment
Request to Appear By Phone
Motion for Change of Domicile/Legal Residence**
Response to Change of Domicile/Legal Residence

**Before filing your motion, you will need to obtain a hearing date from the Friend of the Court office in person or by phone at (231) 873-4605. As of July 1, 2007 both the filing fee of $20 AND the post-judgement fee of $40 (total of $60) for a Child Support motion, or $80 (total of $100) for a Custody, Parenting Time, or Change of Domicile motions, is required in full at the time of filing. If you are filing more than one of the above-identified motions on the same case, you will only be charged for the greater of the two motions, meaning the fee would be $100. Please take special note of this. Present the Oceana County Circuit Court your ORIGINAL motion(s) along with your $60 or $100 filing fee. Keep a copy for yourself, and send a copy along with the appropriate response packet to the other party and any legal representative(s) involved, including a copy to the Friend of the Court office. You may also call our office with any further questions regarding this filing process, however we CANNOT give legal advice.

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