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General Email: main@mmmeg.org

Records Requests and Supplementals Email: Records@mmmeg.org


The Medical Examiner is required by Michigan to investigate deaths that are sudden, suspicious, unexpected, accidental, or violent deaths. The Medical Examiner has the authority to order an autopsy if it is necessary to determine the cause of death.

A family member should choose a funeral home as a first step in the process.  The funeral homes or cremation facilities work with crematories and vital records for death certificates and also with the family involved.


  • Death Certificate Requests – Please send requests through the State of Michigan Electronic Death Registration (EDRS) to Dr. Rudy Ochs
  • Cremation Permit Requests
    • Oceana County policy is a $50 permit fee.  Fees are to be paid in advance as detailed below.
      • Primary Care Physician Death Certificate signed for Medical Examiner Cremation Permit Request:
        • Please obtain signature of Primary Care Physician on the Death Certificate
        • Please pay fee for Cremation Permit here, click the graphite image below, or visit the Clerk’s Office to prepay
        • Information needed: Name of Funeral Home, funeral home email and address, Name of Deceased and Date of Death.
        • Please use EDRS (Electronic Death Registration System) for the Official Cremation Permit Request to Dr. Rudy Ochs.
        • Please send receipt of payment with name of decedent to the Medical Examiner’s Office at main@mmmeg.org or fax 231-440-0806.  Be sure to include your email address and fax number
        • A cremation permit review will be conducted and requests fulfilled via EDRS. Our policy is a 24 hour turnaround period.  Please call if you have an extenuating circumstance or email the Medical Examiner Office main@mmmeg.org
      • Medical Examiner signed Death Certificates for Cremation Permit Requests:
        • All of section above with the addition of including a request for a Death Certificate via EDRS (Electronic Death Registration System) for the Medical Examiner to complete and sign via EDRS

Our staff is available to monitor this process on a continual basis.  Please email or call with any and all questions.




Contact Medical Examiner


Mid Michigan Medical Examiner Group
Dr. Rudy Ochs DO
PH: 231-510-6205

Medical Examiner

Fax: (231) 440-0806

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