The County Board of Commissioners is the chief policy and legislative body of County Government with seven members elected for two-year terms. The Board has statutory duties which include:

  • Develop and adopt the annual County Government Budget
  • Monitor County expenditures
  • Adopt equalization and property assessments
  • Set compensation for all elected officials, appointed officials, and County employees
  • Appoint a number of County officials to various boards and commissions
  • Establish management policies of County departments that are subject to the Board’s managing control
  • Adopt local ordinances
  • Review and adopt grants in aid
  • Provide for county participation in several multi-jurisdictional human service programs
  • Establish personnel policies and procedures
  • Owns and operates an emergency ambulance service
Board of Commissioners
District 1
Dean Gustafson
410 Chester Street
Pentwater, MI 49449
Townships of Pentwater, Weare and Crystal
District 5
Larry Byl
5888 W.Buchanan
Shelby, Michigan 49455
Townships of Benona, Claybanks, and Golden
District 2
Martha Meyette
6163 S. Maple Island Road
Hesperia, Michigan 49421
Townships of Newfield and Greenwood
District 6
James Brown
2954 S. 64th Avenue
Shelby, Michigan 49455
Township of Shelby with the exception of a portion of the Village of New Era (Third Street East to James Street and Ray Street South to Garfield Road)
District 3
Denny Powers
603 Woodlawn Court.
Hart, Michigan 49420
Township of Hart and Hart City
District 7
Robert Walker
7389 Michigan Avenue.
Rothbury, Michigan 49452
Townships of Grant and Otto and a small portion of Shelby Township, Village of New Era (Third Street East to James Street and Ray Street South to Garfield Road).
District 4
Andrew Sebolt
4124 E. Hazel Road
Hart, MI  49420
Townships of Colfax, Leavitt, Elbridge, and Ferry