Address Information

Oceana County Ordinance #3 (11-1991) provides for a uniform house numbering system to insure the delivery of emergency and general services to Oceana County residents and property owners. In order to insure the accuracy of such addresses, it is necessary to determine the reasonably precise location of all structures to be addressed on a parcel of land.

“Permanent” addresses are mandatory for all new construction, relocation, and/or replacement of existing improvements. See “Permit Check List – Required” on the Oceana County Building Inspection Department website for building requirements, zoning, and permit information.

To get a Permanent address, a zoning permit is needed in the following townships: Benona, Claybanks, Crystal, Elbridge, Ferry, Golden, Grant, Greenwood, Hart, Newfield, Otto, Pentwater, Shelby and Weare. The zoning permit is obtained from your local township zoning administrator.

Once the zoning permit is obtained, an equalization department “Site Plan” will need to be filled out. The accuracy of the measurements is very important on this form. A measurement from the center of the road being accessed from, to the center of the building and a measurement from one of the side property lines and the center of the building are needed.

Addresses are also issued for the installation of power poles. An address is required by the power company even when there is not a structure on the property. This “Power Pole Address” address is not valid once a structure is to be built. A new permanent address will be required at that time because the address is based on the physical location of the structure.

If you are purchasing a parcel of land and it is NOT in your name, the address will be issued to the current property owner unless you furnish a copy of the deed or land contract.

Once your new permanent address is issued, probably the most important part of insuring the prompt delivery of life saving services is the proper display of your new address. See “Guidelines For Display of Permanent Address Numbers”.

Click Here to go to our Address Change Request Form, or download an Address Change Request Form in pdf format to print and mail or fax.