Oceana County Michigan

Share Your Feedback on Potential New Logo and Tagline!

Oceana County is in the process of updating their branding, including logo, tagline, and website, to better reflect the area and community. At this time, we are seeking community input on the final concepts recommended by the branding committee and board of commissioners.
To vote on the Oceana County logo and tagline concepts, please complete this short survey:
About the Process
Feedback gathered during the research phase, including a community and stakeholders survey, helped to identify the key assets of the county: natural resources and outdoor recreation, proximity to Lake Michigan, agricultural potential, and the peaceful/quiet way of life to be found here. Logo and tagline concepts that embodied these qualities and features were then created and presented to the branding committee and board of commissioners for recommendation. Community feedback is now requested to aid in selecting the final logo and tagline concepts.
Please note, the branding committee and board of commissioners will be making the final decision on the logo and tagline after considering community input.