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Oceana County Michigan

Post Webinar Materials: High Water and High Waves: How Our Beaches Respond

Following the June 15th webinar by Professor Guy Meadows titled: “High Water and High Waves: How Our Beaches Respond” he has provided a copy of his presentation and supporting files.  Dr. Meadows is a noted expert on the mechanisms and management of beach erosion.  He was the founding director of the Great Lakes Research Center at Michigan Technological University, and is the Robbins Professor of Sustainable Marine Engineering and Director, Marine Engineering Laboratory at Michigan Technological University.

Dr. Meadows has a long history of involvement with Oceana County, and his presentation will focus on our County.  It will include historical shoreline images, dating back to 1938, and thoughts about future changes.  The latest aerial photos and LIDAR data will be presented.  Dr. Meadows has participated in several History Channel documentaries.

Post Webinar Materials:

Webinar Presentation

Michigan EGLE Virtual Townhall hosted on 4/28/20

Michigan’s Great Lake Shorelines Throughout Time Link

Cape Cod Coastal Planner Link

LIDAR Bluff Finder Picture 1

LIDAR Bluff Finder Picture 2