Oceana County Michigan

Job Opportunity – Chief Clerk/Deputy Magistrate

POSITION DESCRIPTION:  Performs a variety of complex clerical tasks involved in processing criminal, traffic, civil, and probation cases.  Provides information and assistance to law enforcement officers, attorneys, defendants, and Court patrons.  The Chief Clerk will be required to work in the civil, criminal, traffic, probation, or other divisions of the Court as assigned.  Assumes assigned essential functions upon delegation from the  Magistrate/Court Administrator. Performs additional tasks designated and approved by Magistrate/Court Administrator.


POSTED DATE:  September 11, 2019
APPLICATION DEADLINE:  Posted until filled
CURRENT SALARY: 40 hours per week; $16.2894-$21.1764 per hour
Fulltime; Non-Exempt; Benefited Position

                                            ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES

  • Duties for this position are concentrated in the criminal division with responsibility for criminal files, courtroom scheduling, and court computer entry as primary workload assignment.
  • Receives tickets, complaints, filings and related documents, opens case files, enter case information into the computer, and files case documents.
  • Prepares court dockets, maintains accurate court date calendar, court appointed attorney listings, and all other courtroom paperwork as needed to efficiently assist the Judge/Magistrate in court.
  • Answer the telephone and direct court patrons to the appropriate person for assistance.
  • Process mail and court paperwork.
  • Operates a computer to enter, update, correct and access case information; and to produce computer generated forms from both the office and courtroom.
  • Documents case activity and other pertinent case information on court documents and in the computer; maintains case histories for each case.
  • Provides information to attorneys, law enforcement officers, defendants, court patrons, and agencies about court policies, case status, scheduling of court proceedings and court proceedings in general.
  • Schedules court proceedings and issues notices to the appropriate parties. 
  • Distributes and recalls search and arrest warrants, conditional bonds, and electronic judgments as authorized.  Maintains records of warrants and conditional bonds issued and recalled and ensures appropriate warrant/bond documents have been filed.
  • Prepares and distributes a variety of legal documents, such as jail commitments, judgments of sentence, orders to show cause, orders for pretrial release or detention, default judgments, delinquency notices and other legal documents. 
  • Report to Michigan State Police, Central Records Division, such criminal history as required by law.  Provide accurate information to the Secretary of State through updated abstracting.
  • Transfer to Circuit Court all felony cases bound over.  Ensure copies of the case are retained in the District Court.  Process appeals to Circuit Court.
  • Ensure that all original criminal and probation orders are maintained in the criminal file. 
  • Prepares and distributes various daily reports, registers, and notices.
  • Receives, receipts and records fines, costs, bonds, fees and other monies.  Issues bond refunds, forfeits and/or applies bond monies to pay fines, costs and other assessment, or distribute monies in accordance with Court orders.
  • Attends training and seminars as requested.

Essential Functions-Deputy Magistrate

These duties will be performed as assigned by the Magistrate/Court Administrator.

  • Presides over informal hearings for all types of civil infractions, including admissions, admissions with explanation, motions to set aside default or withdraw admissions, including explaining the procedure to parties, swearing in of witnesses if necessary, taking of testimony, examining witnesses, making findings of fact, making conclusions of law, adjudicating the case, and imposing all sanctions allowed by statute or ordinance.
  • Conducts criminal arraignments in both misdemeanor and felony cases, advises defendants of charges and legal rights, determines and sets appropriate bonds based on the seriousness of the offense, likelihood of the court appearance of the defendant and other relevant factors as defined by court rule, determines eligibility and grants petitions for the appointment of attorneys to represent indigent defendants, schedules next court date.
  • Presides over misdemeanor guilty pleas as authorized by statute, advises defendants of charges and legal rights, accepts pleas, determines and imposes sentences not to exceed 93 days incarceration. 
  • Issues search warrants under general authorization.
  • Issues warrants for the arrest of persons upon written authorization of the prosecuting or municipal attorney and sets pre-arraignment bonds when necessary.
  • Conducts arraignments for a contempt of court violation or a probation violation.
  • Reviews correspondence concerning civil infractions and misdemeanor violations where violator pleads guilty with an explanation and accepts admission of responsibility.
  • Upon written authorization or the prosecuting or municipal attorney, signs nolle prosequis, dismissing any criminal or ordinance violation cases over which the district court has jurisdiction and releases any bail bonds or bail bond deposits to the person entitled to them.
  • Executes and issues process to effectuate authority expressly granted by law to district court magistrates.
  • Administers oaths and affirmations and takes acknowledgements in writing.
  • Performs civil marriage ceremonies.
  • Issues suppression orders for search warrant affidavits.
  • Issues suppression orders for search warrant tabulation until disposition of the case unless otherwise ordered.

Other Functions:

  • Assists in other areas of the Court as required. 

Minimum Qualifications:

 Upon job acceptance, employee must be a resident and registered voter of Oceana County. 


  • Associate’s Degree in legal studies, liberal arts or Business Administration; or equivalent combination of education and work experience.


  • Prefer two years of legal field experience. 
  • Experience with JIS, SOS or related databases are highly preferred.

All interested parties should submit cover letter and resume, with references,

to the following address:

Oceana County Administrator’s Office
Attn:  Stacey Becker
100 S. State Street, Suite M-4, Hart, MI 49420
Or to sbecker@oceana.mi.us

Application available for download here.