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Under the supervision of the County Administrator, the Oceana County Information Technology (IT) Department is responsible for coordinating all activities involving technology for the County. Some of these responsibilities include:

  • Maintains and administers the County’s network and related computing environments; including hardware, systems software, applications software, and all configurations.
  • Develops strategic plans, determines system requirements, and evaluates alternatives.
  • Develops and manages the department budget while determining cost-effective solutions for the implementation of new technologies.

The IT Department provides the following services: 

  • Asset Management
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Contractual Service Liaison
  • Helpdesk Support
  • Network Management
  • On-site Support
  • Security
  • Server Management
  • Software Support
  • Technology Acquisition
  • Training
  • Voice Services

Our Mission

The Oceana County Information Technology Department will provide technical leadership and strategic planning to ensure the effective management and implementation of all County information technology operations and services. We will partner with all personnel to provide an ongoing improvement of services to the citizens of Oceana County.

2018 Objectives

  • Implement a fully automated off-site backup and recovery strategy in order to provide operational continuity and quick recovery for all critical systems impacted by a technology-related disaster event. A 3rd copy of the data in a separate location with a lot of storage to meet long term data retention requirements.
  • Replace several 10/100 Mbps switches with Gigabit to increase performance and have more ports available for future growth. Considering Power over Ethernet (PoE) to have the capability of using IP telephones, wireless LAN access points, and other appliances without needing to modify the existing Ethernet infrastructure at a later date.
  • With the assistance of the Maintenance Department, implement a cable management solution for easier access and future growth. This will eliminate having to fish cable through two foundations.
  • Continue to assess existing IT security policy and other local government policies and develop and implement new policies and procedures. Policies and procedures are necessary for defining standards and methods for accomplishing certain tasks. They also help identify and prevent the compromise of information security and the misuse of County applications, computers, data, and networks.
  • Plan and migrate Exchange 2010 to Exchange 2016.

2017 Objectives

  • Redesign the website to provide more useful information to the public; allow greater flexibility for County departments to directly publish content to the website; enhanced interactions with citizens.
  • Work with elected and appointed officials to define future technology needs for developing a 3-year technology plan.
  • Meet with departments in preparation for budgeting IT requirements and needs.
  • Implement an asset management solution to better identify IT assets and resources; including licensing and maintenance.
  • Assess existing IT security policy and other local government policies and develop and implement new policies and procedures.
  • Enhance cybersecurity by implementing CIS Critical Security Controls 1-5.
  • Provide security awareness training to employees.
  • Enhance data backup and restoration technologies and procedures.
  • Add another server (VMware host) to increase capacity for additional servers and improve performance.
  • Complete network cable tracing and data closet/rack clean-up.
  • Evaluate the tradeoffs between staying with an on-premise Microsoft Exchange or migrating to a cloud-based (Software as a Service, or SaaS) solution like Office 365 before upgrading.
  • Improve access to applications and shared resources for mobile workers and other County buildings by implementing Remote Desktop Services.

Strategic Goals

  • Improve the overall usefulness of the County website.
  • Develop a comprehensive technology plan to guide the County’s future investments in current and emerging technologies that strengthen our ability to meet the changing demands of internal and external stakeholders.
  • Enhance ability to provide effective and timely customer service.
  • Establish and implement Information Technology governance consistent with industry standards and best practices guiding the creation of policies and procedures for Oceana County Government.
  • Effectively manage, maintain, and control IT assets and resources within the County.
  • Provide and facilitate a secure computing environment that allows access and use of IT resources in Oceana County.
  • Create and manage business continuity through effective disaster preparedness and recovery procedures.
  • Design, implement, and manage a robust, reliable, and adaptable technical environment.

Contact Information Technology


Amy Contreras
IT Coordinator / Network Administrator

Oceana County Building

100 S. State Street
Hart, MI 49420


Monday - Friday
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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