Register of Deeds

Richard A. Hodges
Oceana County Recorder

Colleen Reyna
Chief Deputy Recorder

Ruth Prince
Deputy Clerk

Your County Recorder:
  • makes a complete, accurate and permanent record of every document pertaining to the conveyance and encumbrance of land within the county.
  • maintains permanent land records, retains them in archival form, and makes them accessible to the public.
  • collects fees for documents filed in the Recorder’s office and pays these monies into the county’s general fund.
  • maintains an accurate record of all monies appropriated to the Recorder’s office for its operation.
  • performs all accounting functions necessary to the operation of the Recorder’s office including preparation of annual budgets and reports.


The County Register of Deeds is elected to a four-year term and is the official keeper of all real property records within the County. The Register of Deeds, located in the Courthouse, records real property documents and maintains an index system of those records. the office maintains original plats of all subdivisions and assists local municipalities by furnishing liber and page numbers, and/or instrument numbers, property descriptions, etc. from these plats.

The Register of Deeds office maintains an index and copy of all recorded documents pertaining to property located within the county. Financing statements (U.C.C.’s) relating to personal property may also be filed. the Register of Deeds also serves as Chairman of the County Plat Board, which reviews and approves all new subdivisions within the county.

Copies of documents may be obtained in person or by mail by submitting the appropriate fees and document information. Recordings may also be done in person or by mail with sufficient fees. self-addressed stamped envelopes should accompany all recordings an copy requests. A telephone number, while not required, would be helpful for clarification of questions and/or problems.