EDC Goals & Objectives

The goal of the Economic Development Corporation is to promote planned, balanced, and SUSTAINABLE growth of the economy in Oceana County. The creation of new jobs, which build on our existing strengths, has been our guiding premise. To these ends, the EDC has undertaken activities to:

  • Strengthen the small business community by making assistance available to a greater number of small businesses and prospective business owners, including the Hispanic community.
  • Encourage the expansion and retention of local businesses, including farms, by providing technical assistance in product development, product expansion, marketing, accounting, personnel and financing.
  • Diversify the local economic base by attracting new firms to the area who can utilize our labor force and natural resources including, but not limited to: food processing, plastics manufacturing, metal fabrication, assembly and service firms.
  • Utilize government employment and training funds to provide training and placement services for economically disadvantaged people, and to assist in the creation of jobs and provide referrals to employers through Oceana County Employment and Training located in Shelby, Michigan.
  • Ensure that the county has up-to-date telecommunications infrastructure, needed to accommodate the anticipated increase in “telecommuters” moving to our area, as well as commercial/industrial needs.  This type of infrastructure is just as critical as roads and utilities in retaining and attracting jobs