About Animal Control

The Oceana County Department of Animal Control is under the supervision of the County Administrator’s office. Our general responsibilities include dealing with cases of animal cruelty, abandonment, and animals running at large. We are out in the community a great deal and much of our time is spent caring for and finding homes for the animals that are brought into the shelter.

Animal Control Staff

Currently, we have only two county employees who work within the Department of Animal Control. Both are highly qualified and caring individuals.

  • Michael Garcia, Animal Control Officer
  • Mike Nielsen, Deputy Animal Control Officer

Oceana County Animal Shelter

Located on Baseline Road near the airport in Shelby, our current animal shelter facility contains only 9 dog kennels and 4 cat kennels. We are thankful for this facility, but with so few kennels and so little space, we are limited as to how many animals we can care for at the shelter at one time.

The Michigan State Law requires all stray animals brought into the shelter to be held 4 to 7 days for their owners to claim them. After that holding period, those animals may be placed for adoption. A few fortunate pets are fostered out to be cared for by volunteer foster families for limited time periods.